Blind date: ‘She looked like she’d put in some effort, which made me nervous since I’d just come in my work clothes’ – The Boston Globe

RAFAEL G.: 23 / management consultant
HIS HOBBIES: Soccer, video games, running
WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Spending time with friends
GENEVIEVE C.: 22 / ICU nurse
HER PERFECT SATURDAY: Going for a long run, then dinner and dancing with friends
HER IDEAL MATCH: People who are active and up for adventures
Rafael I was working, so that distracted me for most of the day. It’s a little cliché, but in the car, I did some breathing exercises to calm myself.
Genevieve I was coming from cross-country practice. I took the T home and got ready. I was excited for the date! I love meeting new people.
Rafael I was worried beforehand about being able to recognize her. In the end, it was super easy.
Genevieve We actually walked into the restaurant together.
Rafael Honestly, I was quite impressed. You never know what to expect on a blind date but she was quite pretty and in a nice dress. She looked like she’d put in some effort, which made me nervous since I’d just come in my work clothes (chinos and a dress shirt).
Genevieve He looked very nice! He also had a very kind smile.
Rafael I learned how she grew up close to Boston, and about the job she’d just started as an ICU nurse. We talked about how she volunteers with her high school track team as an assistant coach.
Genevieve We talked about why we signed up for Cupid, where we worked and lived, and how we ended up in Boston.
Rafael I was moved by her job. It seemed like a profession that you’d need to have a lot of compassion for, and compassion is one of the main things I look for in a partner.
Genevieve We have a mutual love of hiking. He had hiked Machu Picchu, which sounded incredible! We talked about recreational sports — he plays soccer and I play volleyball. We also talked about his business trip to Chicago and how I’m running the Chicago Marathon this October.
Rafael She recommended this passion fruit cocktail that we both ordered. It was good. She suggested the pikilia (bread platter with dip) and hummus shawarma, and I suggested we add calamari, a favorite. We agreed we wanted to share the plates.
Genevieve Everything was delicious, the restaurant atmosphere was beautiful, and the servers were attentive.
Rafael As the date went on, I started to get more comfortable. She was charming, which made it easy for me to enjoy the moment. She was smiling, laughing, and generally appeared to be having a good time.
Genevieve I felt very comfortable on the date; we talked for about two hours and it’s always interesting to learn about a new person.
Rafael We were definitely getting along well but I’m not sure if I’d describe it as romantic chemistry.
Genevieve I don’t think there was chemistry.
Rafael We said goodbye, no hug, no kiss.
Genevieve He asked for my number, which I happily gave. It would be nice to have another friend in the city.
Rafael I’d like to go on another date, but it was tough to read if she gave me her number because she was really interested or because she felt like it would be awkward not to.
Genevieve He was very sweet and I would love to be friends. Maybe we could play intramural soccer together.
Rafael / A-
Genevieve / B+

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