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A GLAM lollypop lady has revealed the one thing drivers do that annoys her the most.
Anjelica Langton isn't your regular traffic controller.
When she's not wearing her high-vis jacket and holding a stop sign, she's either working behind a bar or raving with pals.
But this young lady has revealed what it's really like being a lollypop lady in remote Mullumbimby, Australia – and it's not what you expected.
"People who aren’t in these types of jobs don’t understand the challenges," she told 7News.
"Try being on the back of a drop deck with trucks and cars going past at 110km and tell me that’s not a challenge.
"You have to be constantly on the ball as people on the roads do not see anything when there’s signs and trucks and they still tell you, ‘I didn’t see anything’."
Angelica took up the job of being a lollypop lady after being directed to a two-day course by her traffic controller dad.
"So I got this job to get me outside and understand this type of work and hopefully it gives me a leg up into the mines," she said.
Since then, Anjelica has been directing traffic along busy roads and construction sites.
She said people always assume her job is simple but says there's more to it than meets the eye.
"You are working around heavy traffic, making sure the other workers are safe in the work zone, and you have people who ignore all signs, run your bat or abuse you," she explained.
"I find that is the biggest challenge – when people don’t read the signs and the road conditions they are meant to."
She said there are upsides and downsides to the job but that one thing in particular drives her nuts.
"I don’t hate anything to do with the job, but I do hate that people don’t listen and ignore signs," she said.
"People just think it’s ok to ignore traffic controllers but it’s so not ok."
But that hasn't stopped the vibrant 24-year-old from enjoying her work.
"I love being outside the most and meeting different crews and workers," she said.
"As you all work in a team, it’s a good feeling when it all runs smoothly."
Her typical day starts at 6.30am and ends after 4pm and includes setting up traffic cones, operating road signs and directing pedestrians.
Once she's finished, she then heads to a bar where she works as a bartender – a job she's held since she was 18.
"I’ll do it all again the next day," she said.
Angelica – who documents her life as a traffic controller on TikTok – says she regularly gets unwanted attention on the job.
"I get hit on every day," she said.
"But all chicks would if they’re doing this type of job as it’s mainly a male-dominated field.
"However, I have thick skin and don’t let it bother me. I’m extremely strong headed and I don’t give it the attention it deserves."
She hopes that by sharing her story online, more women will move into the field.
"I definitely believe that more women should look into getting into this type of work," she said.
"It shows you the real world and you aren’t locked up in some office not seeing any sun.
"I also think it gives you confidence as some woman would be scared to do this kind of job because of the men but you shouldn’t be as they respect it a lot."
She added: "It’s 100 per cent worth it and I enjoy it so much."
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