Nairobi Nurse Quits Well-Paying First Job After 1 Month –

Some decisions are quite hard to make and quite draining while thinking through them. 
Even I, couldn’t believe that I had quit a Ksh80,000 job until HR processed my clearance form. A Ksh80,000 job with this economy! If I wasn’t a 26-year-old, they would have probably beaten some sense into me. 
So, my parents were quite surprised when I broke to them the news that I was quitting a Ksh80,000 job at a research firm in Nairobi. 
“You were only hired for 1 month Shish. I can’t comprehend why you’d make such an irrational decision,” my mother was fuming. 
“You have bills to pay, school fees for your siblings, your own rent…” it was an endless list she lamented about.
“I was on probation for three months ma,” I argued. 
“Sharon, are you even listening to yourself,” she paused while opening the fridge in the kitchen. “And you are smiling?” she wondered.
My mum calls me by my full name, Sharon, whenever she is angry, irritated or annoyed. 
“But mama, you haven’t even given me a chance to explain the side of my story…” I objected. 
“Hmm,” that’s all she said. A typical mother. 
My mother was quite excited when I landed this job after two years in the cold. She was always quite worried that age would catch up with me. 
I studied Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at a university in the Nairobi CBD and I can’t explain to you how excited I was. 
But the job market was quite saturated. Therefore I understand why my mother was feeling overwhelmed when I quit. 
She had put a lot of effort into ensuring I land a job. When I was applying for that job, she sat down with me to find a smart way to apply for that job. 
“Most of us package ourselves ordinarily. We send the same CVs we have shared year in and year out,” she told me. Oh, she is a university lecturer by the way.  
“So for this role, let’s not make the mistake of being too broad with the role we are targeting. 
“Let us not also hide what makes us unique as we avoid blending in,” she stated after she was referred to the job vacancy. 
My mum has always been my hero. Spending quite some hours that night on the deadline day to have my CV polished. 
During the two years, I was at home, she even got a loan from her Coop Bank branch to fund my SME business, agriculture and food delivery in the city. 
“So why did you quit? You never even consulted me,” she lamented as we sat down for dinner. 
“Were you harassed? Was the environment toxic? Are you pregnant?” She wondered on and on. 
“It wasn’t my dream. I still want to do something in nursing and I wanted to surprise you. I got a job at the County. Starting next month at the referral hospital,” I stated.
She was quite excited but she wasn’t happy that I had gone for a lower-earning job at first until I convinced her. 
“I wanted something flexible to manage my business which is booming. The earnings from my current job and the business you funded via Coop Bank are way higher,” I explained adding that I was too busy to even manage my business. 
“While at work I can manage my business too straight from my phone. Coop Bank has an MCo-opCash App enabling me to carry out a variety of banking transactions straight from my mobile phone. 
“I can lipa my bills from office such as rent, electricity, to paying delivery guys and clients. I can check account balances and get instant loans directly to my account via the new upgraded Mco-opCash App. No need to worry about transacting or visiting the bank as I can transact straight from my phone by simply dialling *667# or via the MCo-opCash App,” I added. 
She paused for a moment. I knew she was happy with my brilliance. I could tell. 
“And ooh by the way I can also access an MCo-opCash Salary Advance of up to Ksh500,000 with a repayment period of up to 3 months in case I need extra cash for budget or emergencies,” I added. 
“You got it figured out, I can tell,” she stated. 


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