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Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga has undertaken to develop strategies to harness the blue economy for the benefit of Kenyans if elected in next month’s polls.
Raila, who is on a tour of the Coast Region, says he will prioritize the promotion of the sustainable use and management of the country’s rich water resources, as part of his agenda to bolster the economy.
“We have a plan to reinvigorate and expand the blue economy through the port of Mombasa.” He said
“In Kenya, we are very close to the Tuna corridor, but we don’t have fish. We have Tuna fish migrating from the Maldives to Seychelles and those who fish them are the Japanese and the Chinese. They have their vessels in the deep seas.  We will also be active players in the blue economy as early as next year to tap into this,” he told a rally in Mvita.
Raila, who was in the company of his running mate Martha Karua and a battery of other leaders from the coalition, gave the example of Namibia which has invested in the largest land-based fish-processing facility in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Seaflower Pelagic Plant, with a processing capacity of 600 tonnes of horse mackerel per day, to great benefit.
He spoke of how onshore and offshore jobs have been created in the freezing plant, the cannery, the fishmeal plant, and two Namibian vessels that harvest fish for the factory.
“Namibia is a country that is not economically as strong as our country Kenya. In fact, it is a desert. But they the Walvis Bay, which is not only an important logistical port but a key blue economy hub,” he said
“They practice large-scale fishing and have developed fish industries that have employed so many people including women and youth. They have many containers packed with fish to be taken to various destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the US. They are doing so well and this has formed the basis of their 24-hour economy,” the former Prime Minister said
He promised to replicate what the southern African country has done, reiterating that Kenya has the capacity to perform even better. He told the residents that the blue economy will provide an avenue for the government to generate thousands of job opportunities for them.
Odinga further noted that his plan to expand the blue economy will end the frustrations currently bogging down the Kenyan fishermen.
He, at the same time, promised to ensure that the extensive tourist opportunities in the coast region are fully exploited for sustainable development.
Under his administration, Raila says Mombasa and neighboring areas will be the premium destination for tourists.
“Mombasa used to be the destination until most tourists chose Dar es Salaam. We will address that,” he said
Watch what’s live now on KBC Channel 1 and our other TV Stations. Never miss new episodes from your favorite shows, reruns and movies. Stream online for free today.
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