Ruto's Big 5: Unpacking Kenya Kwanza's Manifesto –

Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto is on Thursday, June 30, expected to launch his manifesto ahead of the August 9 general election.
Sources privy to the document have revealed that the promissory would be based on five major pillars:  revival of the country’s economy, lower the cost of living and improving welfare of the youth.
The other pillars are affordable healthcare services and and reforms in the education sector. 
Reviving Kenya’s economy
Revival of the country’s economy is listed a top priority for the Deputy President. Ruto hopes to resuscitate the economy by implementing his bottom-up model, focusing on boosting the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
MSMEs will also receive protection under the DP’s government, including reduced taxes, aggregation of operating licenses and introduction of policies to enable them access affordable loans.
Lowering the cost of living
The Kenya Kwanza government has also pledged to shield Kenyans from economic ravages. Ruto and his allies have accused the current regime of having warped priorities, including insatiable appetite for debt.
DP Ruto’s approach will include lowering the cost of food production while reviving the agricultural sector, reviewing agreements between the state and suppliers of essential commodities and evaluating the taxing system.
Affordable Healthcare
Kenya Kwanza hopes to create reforms in the healthcare sector by making it affordable to every Kenyan by overhauling NHIF to allow low-earning and self employed citizens to get medical cover.
The manifesto also includes reforms in the sector by establishing a National Health Service Commission which would deal with ensuring that facilities across the county are fully equipped with both human and other resources.
Reforming the education sector
Notably, the Ruto led brigade made a u-turn on the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), vowing to bridge the gaps in the system instead of completely abolishing it all together. 
The manifesto also proposes increased funding in the sector which would be used for infrastructural developments in learning institutions.
Improving Youth Welfare
In addition, the promissory note has an entire chapter on the youth. Kenya Kwanza promises to create employment opportunities for the youth through investing in projects and that sectors will create thousands of jobs.
The camp also vows to nature the talent of the youth to enable them earn a decent living. In addition, Ruto’s government will inject billions to fund youth-owned enterprises.
All eyes will be on the DP including his Azimio la Umoja counterpart Raila Odinga who recently pitched his manifesto to Kenyans.


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