Scoop: Biden to announce $100 million for Palestinian hospitals on Middle East trip – Axios

President Biden will announce $100 million in aid to Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem during his visit to the Middle East this week, five Israeli officials tell Axios.
Why it matters: The Biden administration sees the funding pledge as its main deliverable to the Palestinians during the visit. Biden is expected to visit one of the hospitals, Augusta Victoria Hospital, during his trip.
Between the lines: The U.S. request to the three Gulf countries was part of an attempt to get them more involved in the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
Flashback: In September 2018, the Trump administration cut $25 million for the hospitals in East Jerusalem.
Behind the scenes: U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides played a key role in the U.S. announcement. He had several meetings about it with officials from the Israeli Ministry of Health and Prime Minister's Office, according to two of the Israeli officials.
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