You are too qualified for ambassador job, MPs tell Bitange Ndemo – The Star, Kenya

Former ICT Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo is overqualified for appointment as Belgium Ambassador, this is according to Members of Parliament who vetted him on Monday.
Ndemo has a vast experience in consultancy, entrepreneurship, system analysis, research, Information and Communication.
He was appointed to be the Ambassador of Kenya to Belgium.
Saku MP Raso Dido said his academic credentials and resume present him as an overqualified candidate for the ambassadorial job.
The lawmaker also questioned the correlation between his experience as an academician and the newly acquired diplomatic role.
“You have a rich history in academia, why would someone choose you for diplomacy where you are likely to go and sit in the office?” he posed.
Dido also highlighted that Ndemo had supervised 6 PhDs and 66 Masters(among them 20 MPs).
“I can see your contribution to Kenyans appears to be immense, are we likely to under-employ you?” he asked.
Konchela Gideon asked why he opted for the diplomatic position yet he is an ‘asset’ in the education sector.
“Don’t you think we need you here more than you leaving? I think there’s a lot that still needs your attention and input,” he asked.
Ndemo said his position as a researcher could not allow him to write about several issues.
“With my position, I can now be part of the solution, now I have a platform that writing could not give me,” Ndemo said.
Ndemo said he has written more than 5,000 articles trying to communicate changes but they are not considered.
“Sometimes you preach to see changes in our country but I am not a politician to articulate these things publicly and my voice is not deep enough,” Ndemo said.
The lawmaker also asked if Ndemo is afraid of any changes in the income that comes with the new job.
This is because Ndemo is an ICT consultant, who writes and does research.
“Do you fear that you will remain a poor person because you make a lot of money when you are out there,” he said.
Ndemo who sits on several boards of organizations said he will quit and focus on the diplomatic role.
“I will resign from boards, transfer research and stop consultancy,” he added.
Another nominee for the ambassadorial position to China, Lawyer Mary Muthoni was questioned about her new position.
Gilgil MP Martha Wanjira questioned how suitable Muthoni is since she doesn’t have any experience in the diplomatic sector.
“You have been posted to a large economic country but you have not done any economy or diplomacy, do you think this will affect your delivery?” Wanjira asked.
Gichohi who is also a businesswoman was asked why she accepted this position and not that of a judge.
“My experience in the private and corporate world has earned me robust networks, also am a tried and tested leader,” she said.
She has a net worth of Sh400million and serves as the chairperson of five organizations.
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